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Minimum Hourly Wage Rates as of Jan, 2022

Retail Council of Canada

Why do we support a living wage in Calgary

In the past 3 years the cost of living has increased dramatically. This cost has unduly affected the poorest in Canada and benefited the wealthy. Asset prices in housing and stocks have surged, inflating the bank accounts of property and asset owners, while wages at the bottom have stagnated. People earning a minimum wage have seen the value of their own labour (the only material thing they own) become devalued with inflation. This situation is entirely unsustainable and is increasing the divide between the rich and poor exponentially.

We believe the minimum wage should be raised to a fairly calculated living wage and then permanently tagged to annual inflation calculations to prevent the utter devaluation of human labour, our most precious resource. 

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the alberta living wage network

The Alberta Living Wage Network is made up of community organizations and municipalities with the goal of advancing a coordinated living wage movement in Alberta. The network assists communities in their annual living wage calculation and provides certification to qualifying living wage employers.

keto stores calgary
Help us support equitable living in Calgary by supporting a Living Wage. The Keto Grill & Bakery is part of the Alberta Living Wage Network. The current calculated living wage in the city of Calgary is $18.60 per hour as of 2022.


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