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The Great Schmergler. The best keto fast food in Calgary doesn’t need to label itself as low-carb. Instead, it offers the same speed, taste as traditional fast food with none of the guilt. That’s the aim of our keto bakery, and we do an excellent job of providing tasty, gourmet meals that scintillate the senses. Find your new favourite hotdog, fried chicken or other delicious dish today.

Our Most Popular Keto Fast Foods in Calgary!

keto fried chicken calgary

Keto-Loaded Fried Chicken

Enjoy and embrace super tasty and always low-carb Korean fried chicken in flavours like golden fried, Gochujang and

keto philly style cheesesteak

Keto Philly Cheesesteak

Fresh, thinly-shaved roast beef cooked to order on a keto-friendly hoagie with peppers and zero-carb cheese sauce make this a popular choice for keto-fans!

keto grilled cheese and gravy

Grilled Cheese & Gravy, Giant Coneys and More!

Our menu is constantly expanding to include delicious fast food options paired with keto breads, savoury sauces and other delectable dishes.

Our keto fast food in Calgary is built around the principle of reduced carbohydrate counts. Our pizza, hot dog buns and kaiser rolls are all just two grams of carbs per serving so that you can enjoy all your favourite flavours without worry.


We aim for foods that are not only delicious, but that also emulate the best traits of their predecessors. This means white bread that toasts and feels familiar and tasty ingredients that aren’t eggy, grassy or bland. And, they’re the perfect companion for bulking season since they’re high in protein.


Our low-carb fast food is perfect for every palette. Kids love the delicious flavours and familiar treats, while parents feel confident that they’re giving them the nutrition their growing bodies need. Diabetics and dieters love our hot, delicious and made to order menu items; enjoy a new culinary adventure or delight today.


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Commitment to Fast Food Keto

Trying to find keto foods and low-carb options every day can be a constant chore of meal prepping, making weird alterations like lettuce wraps or barebones burritos. As Calgary’s first keto fast food restaurant, grill and bakery, we seek to solve this problem by engineering the hell out of every recipe. Our keto fast food and bakery products are legit, super low-carb concepts that feature real white bread and flavours that look, smell, taste and feel as good as any alternative.

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