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NMN has been studied for its role in boosting NAD+ levels in the body, which decline with age. Elevated NAD+ has been associated with increased sirtuin activity, enzymes linked to longevity due to their role in cellular repair and maintenance (Imai, S., & Guarente, L., 2014).

In cardiovascular health, NMN has demonstrated potential in reducing vascular aging. Studies in mice have shown that NMN supplementation can restore blood vessel growth and improve blood flow, suggesting benefits for age-related declines in vascular health (Das, A., et al., 2018).

NMN’s impact on metabolism has been noted, with animal studies indicating it can improve insulin sensitivity and energy expenditure. This points toward NMN’s possible use in combating metabolic disorders such as type 2 diabetes and obesity (Yoshino, J., et al., 2011).

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One of the most compelling areas of NMN research is its implication in DNA repair and the enhancement of genomic stability. NAD+ is a substrate for a group of enzymes known as PARPs (poly(ADP-ribose) polymerases), which play a crucial role in repairing damaged DNA. As NAD+ levels fall with age, the body’s ability to repair DNA diminishes, leading to the accumulation of genetic damage that is a hallmark of aging. Supplementation with NMN has been shown to bolster NAD+ levels, thereby facilitating the activity of PARPs and potentially slowing down the genetic aging process (Fang, E.F., et al., 2017). If you want to explore the effects of this supplement, buy NMN in Calgary at Keto Grill & Bakery.

NMN also shows promise in neuroprotection and cognitive function. The brain is particularly sensitive to NAD+ levels, and a decline in mitochondrial function is a noted feature in various neurodegenerative disorders. NMN can enhance mitochondrial function by increasing NAD+ availability, which may help to protect against age-related neurodegenerative diseases. Additionally, in rodent models, NMN has been shown to improve cognitive function, providing a basis for exploring its therapeutic potential for conditions like Alzheimer’s disease (Wang, X., et al., 2018).

Beyond its cellular and molecular roles, NMN’s influence extends to physical performance. In aging mice, NMN supplementation was associated with increased muscle endurance and strength. The mechanism is thought to involve the enhancement of oxidative metabolism in mitochondria, leading to improved muscle function and endurance. While such effects are promising, translating these findings to human performance requires extensive clinical trials to determine the efficacy and optimal dosages for NMN as an ergogenic or anti-aging supplement (Mills, K.F., et al., 2016).

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While the preclinical evidence supporting NMN’s benefits is strong, the transition to human applications is still in its early stages. Current human studies are investigating the safety and bioavailability of NMN, and future research will need to confirm its efficacy in human health and disease prevention.