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Try Calgary’s Most Delicious Keto Bread

The best keto bread in Calgary maintains the fluffiness, taste and toast-ability that makes its full carb counterparts so delicious. We use a combination of quality ingredients and optimized recipes to offer you sliced, unsliced, frozen and fresh loaves of low-carb bread and keto buns that meet these expectations. With a super selection that just keeps growing, you’ll want to start looking for your favourites soon.

Our Popular Keto Breads in Calgary

keto bread loaf calgary

Keto Bread Loaves

We offer loaves of keto bread in Calgary to satisfy all tastes, and customize them to your liking with convenient sliced and frozen options.

keto hamburger buns calgary

Hamburger Buns

Up your hamburger game with a delicious and nutritious bun that won’t bust your carb budget. Order now for your next backyard BBQ.


Much More Incoming!

We’re always experimenting in the kitchen to create new culinary delights and low-carb loaves, so check back often for new offers.

What People Are Saying
Enjoy guilt-free bread at our keto bakery in Calgary. Every slice of our bread contains only two carbs, so you don’t have to worry about going over your calorie count. But it’s also absolutely delicious, so you may have a hard time keeping your hands off it.


Making great keto products is the heart of what we do. This means we work hard to keep the flavour consistent with other full-carb options and avoid the pitfalls of some keto products, like an eggy or grassy taste. We also pack them full of protein for dieters and macro-managers alike.


We want to make keto accessible for everyone, whether you’re a parent looking for healthier options, someone looking to slim down or bulk up, or a casual eater who wants to cut back on their carbs. Try our bread loaves today and see how they can become a part of your everyday life.


our uncompromising
Commitment to Keto Bread

We didn’t want to create something similar to what’s already on the market: Mealy, grainy or unappealing to the palate. We changed the consistency repeatedly to reach a fluffy, light, bread-like structure, and we’ve come extremely close with our current recipe. It’s not only fluffy and light but low-carb and high in protein. We even worked with a bread scientist to enhance the flavour and texture with proper baking techniques, like fermenting and proofing. Our bread is the result of hard work, and we hope you enjoy it!

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