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How often do you crave a simple sandwich or a big ol’ burger without resorting to lettuce wraps or dry “bread alternatives”? Our keto bakery in Calgary is built to solve these problems by offering delicious, chewy and fluffy keto products. We are always on the hunt for new and better recipes to aid you on your keto journey without making you suffer along the way. Stay healthy and happy with our keto food in Calgary. Keto Tortillas, Keto Hamburger Buns, Keto Baguettes, and even a good ol fashioned fresh loaf of sliced Keto Bread.

Our Most Popular Keto Food Cravings!

Keto Fast Food

Southern Fried Chicken & Gravy. Giant Philly Beef & Cheese Sandwiches. Giant Coney Chilli & Cheese Hot Dogs. Grilled Cheese & Gravy. The Great Schmergler!

keto baguette bread

Keto Bread

Sliced or whole, our fresh keto Almond breads & Tortillas imitate the moistness and richness of flavour so common with white bread, but without all the added carbs.

keto low carb cupcakes

Keto Cakes & Desserts

We offer shortcakes, mousse, cinnamon buns, butter tarts, muffins and other tasty keto cakes that give you the sweetness and carb counts you want without sacrificing flavour or texture.

All our keto, low-carb bread options have less than two net carbs per serving. That’s two net carbs per slice of bread, per hot dog or kaiser bun, and per pizza, depending on how you slice it. This lets you enjoy all the fast food and bakery favourites that you’ve been craving totally guilt-free.


Our bread products are delicious, non-eggy or grassy, and toast and bite just like real bread. That they’re super low-carb just means you can enjoy them freely. Plus, they’re also high in protein, making them a great option if you’re looking to build muscle.


Whether you’re looking to lose a few pounds for summer, shed that quarantine weight, build mass with healthy alternatives or enjoy the foods that the typical keto diet prohibits, we’ve got the tasty and low-carb foods that work with your goals.


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commitment to Keto!

Our whole team has been on the ketogenic diet for years and struggled with the same problems that brought you here. Although the keto diet is—in our opinion—the best way to stay trim, build muscle and lower insulin resistance over time, it can be frustrating to create meals that are new, exciting and satisfy those texture cravings you would otherwise get from bread and wheat products. We strive to fix these problems and produce food that’s not the grassy, flaxy, mealy products you find in grocery stores. Enjoy fluffy, chewy and crispy and beautifully toasted meals that don’t compromise your goals.

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