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Our online store is currently paused as we develop our new Keto Restauraunt Grill & Bakery. Location is at 110, 8900 Macleod Tr SE. Estimated opening date is Dec 2021. Stay tuned for updates!


$ 13.99 Per Loaf

Our loaves of bread are only 2 net carbs per slice and available in unsliced or sliced for just $1 more.

Loaves of keto bread. Fresh baked.

Keto Bread & Dessert Options to Keep You Slim!

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All our keto, low carb bread options have less than 2 net carbs per serving. That’s 2 net carbs per slice of bread, per hot dog or kaiser bun, and per pizza slice depending on how you slice it.


These bread products are not only delicious, non eggy or grassy, and toast and bite just like real bread, they are super low carb so you can enjoy liberally. These products are high in protein, so they are great if you’re looking to build muscle.


All our keto bread loaves, keto buns & keto pizza crusts are designed to taste and feel like the white bread and dough you have withheld from yourself along your low carb journey

Everyone here at Keto Bread Calgary has been on the ketogenic diet for years and struggled with the same problems that brought you here today. Though the Keto diet is, in our opinion, the best and healthiest way to stay trim, build muscle, and lower insulin resistance over time, it can be frustrating to create meals that are new and enticing, truly fulfilling, and satisfy those texture cravings you would otherwise get from bread and wheat products.

How often have you craved just a simple sandwich, or a big ol’ burger without resorting to lettuce wraps. Our store is entirely built to solve these problems by offering truly delicious, chewy, fluffy white keto bread, keto bun, and keto pizza dough products.

Products with less than 2 net carbs per serving. These products are not the grassy, flaxy, mealy products you have been trying from grocery stores. These buns and breads are fluffy, chewy and crispy. They toast beautifully and are truly rewarding to bite into. Dive back into the world oh hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, breakfast sandwiches, deli sandwiches, garlic bread and more.

At Keto Bread Calgary, we are always searching for new and better options to keep you on your keto journey, without suffering along the way. Stay healthy Calgary!


Keto Strawberry Shortcake



Everyone can order here online from the shop page at any time of day or night. Delivery fees apply for Calgary & Airdrie residents, but feel free to select curbside pickup in Airdrie for free! Batches are baked weekly and delivered on Sundays. Make sure to get your order in before 12PM on Saturdays.

Delivery to Calgary is a flat fee of $5 per order, or just $2 in Airdrie. Large order delivery fees are priced the same as small ones, so best to order in bigger batches to save money. Curbside pickup in Airdrie is always free.