Loaves of Bread

Keto Bread Loaves

Our loaves of bread are available sliced or unsliced. This bread is non mealy, non flaxy, chewy, and toasts up beautifully. Makes great keto sandwiches, grilled cheese, garlic bread and more.

This bread was designed in the hopes of bringing sandwiches back on the menu.

I didn’t want to create something similar to what I have seen in the market. Mealy, grainy, or otherwise not very pleasing to the pallet.

I tried to change the consistency over and over again in order to reach that fluffy, light, bread like structure, so that it was enjoyable with anything from a Grilled Cheese, to a Turkey club sandwich.

I believe I have come extremely close with my current recipe for bread, as it is not only fluffy and light, but low on carbs and high in protein.

I worked with a bread scientist to enhance not only the flavour but the texture, with proper baking techniques such as fermenting and proofing. He helped me learn these old techniques that have given old sourdough’s that light and fluffy interior.

This is the result of that hard work, and I hope you enjoy it!

Keto Bread Loaf Options

Loaves of keto bread. Fresh baked.

Unsliced Keto Bread Loaf

Frozen whole bread loaf. The real Keto Calgary Bread option


Sliced, fresh baked Keto Bread and Buns

Sliced Keto Bread Loaf

Sliced whole Keto Bread Loaf. Conveniently sliced to save you time. Perfect for sandwiches of all kinds.