chocolate keto ice cream calgary

Keto Ice Cream is Coming Soon to Calgary

The Keto Grill & Bakery is gearing up for summer 2022 with the addition of new keto ice cream products such as Keto Milkshakes, Keto Ice Cream Sundaes, Keto Blizzards and Keto Parfaits. Our rich keto ice cream is made with heavy cream and erythritol. Introductory milkshake flavours will be vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and raspberry. Our keto ice cream sundae options will include nuts like pecans and almonds with caramel, chocolate and berry flavours like raspberry and strawberry.

keto ice cream chocolate almond sundae
Keto Ice Cream Sundae

Our Keto Ice Cream will have zero net carbohydrates and will not elevate blood glucose at all. Stay tuned for the announcement of keto ice cream at the Keto Grill & Bakery soon!

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