About our Keto Bread

Hi, I’m Jonathan

We started Keto Bread Calgary to answer a need that many in the keto Calgary community have had for years. Truly keto bread, with lower than 2 net carbs per serving that is delicious, chews and toasts beautifully, and is a true replacement for the real thing.

I approach baking with an emphasis on taste and texture, without compromising on low low carb content

I am a red seal chef with an extensive background in baking, cooking and butchery. I struggled with my weight all my life. A few years ago some friends and coworkers of mine started on the ketogenic diet and the results were undeniable. Shortly after, i took on the keto lifestyle myself and have lost over 80 pounds. I work out 5 days a week and look and feel healthier than I have in years. Sadly, i truly do miss the feel and taste of bread carbs in my life. Toast, pizza, sandwiches, and even a good old American style hot dog. As such, I figured I was in the best position to try and solve this problem. My recipes use vital wheat gluten as my primary structure. The rest are my secrets. I am constantly retesting and rehashing these recipes to continually strive to make the best keto friendly bread products possible. Try some of them out. We would love your feedback, even critical feedback. Stay thin Calgary!