Chocolate Strawberry ShortCake

When i started developing my sponge cakes and fillings, i had to figure out how to gain that light fluffy texture and flavour without the use of cake flours and the like.My sponges are generally leavened with Erythritol Meringues, this way they can be silky and light to the palate.I layer the interior of the cake with a Strawberry cream, because strawberries are among the lower sugar content fruits and are quite friendly for those on the Ketogenic diet,
Also, since Erythritol is usually in granular form, I powder mine so that you are getting that silky smooth texture instead of a heavily gritty one.
This cake is a three tiered sponge cake with each layer containing strawberry cream and topped with a Chantilly cream, fresh fruit, and shaved dark chocolate.
Without sacrificing texture, I was able to make this with the same decadence as a traditional sugar and flour made delight.

Chocolate Raspberry Mousse

keto strawberry shortcake

The major key for a good mousse is to have that velvety smooth texture that just melts in your mouth. You want that rich dark chocolate and the bite of fresh raspberries to coat your mouth, and finish it with a rich hot coffee.
With ensuring my sweetening substance, which is Erythritol, is made into a fine powdered form, I am able to maintain that same silky mouthfeel, without consuming a large quantity of sugar or carbs.
The crust is made from butter and toasted fine ground almonds, which allows for another layer of flavours, as the nuttiness enhances the chocolates richness and taste.
After the mousse has set, I add a rosette of Chantilly cream on the top with rich shaved dark chocolate and Fresh Raspberries.
Now you can have your favourites again without the guilt!