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Keto Fast Food in Calgary

Our online store is currently paused as we develop our new Keto Restauraunt Grill & Bakery. Location is at 110, 8900 Macleod Tr SE. Estimated opening date is Dec 2021. Stay tuned for updates!


Keto, low carb Fast Food and bakery items cooked and baked fresh in house every day. Calgary’s first original Keto fast food restaurant grill and bakery.

Trying to find keto foods and low carb options every day can be a constant chore of meal prepping, ordering weird items like lettuce wrapped burgers or burritos with half the ingredients missing. At Keto Grill & Bakery, we seek to solve this problem by engineering the hell out of it. Our Keto fast food and bakery products are legit, super low carb concepts that feature real white bread and flavours that look, smell, taste and feel as good as anything on the market.

Keto cooking featuring super low carb philly cheesesteaks, fried chicken, waffle fries, gravy, bbq sauce, cheese sauce, cinnamon buns, cupcakes, cakes and everything your heart desires, without cheating on your keto journey.

“The keto bread is legit white bread. AWESOME PHILLY CHEESESTEAK”

I have been waiting for true keto fast food for years. It is normally so difficult to find true keto options that don't taste like grass and are convenient. Thanks Keto Grill & Bakery!
Sandra Files

Keto Philly Chesesteaks

Fresh thinly shaved roast beef cooked to order on a keto hoagie with peppers and drizzled with zero carb cheese sauce makes this item one of the most popular keto fast foods in Calgary

Keto Fried Chicken

Super low carb southern fried chicken in flavour options like golden fried, Jerk, Korean Cheese and more! Try our Keto Fast Food menu right here in Calgary AB

Keto Cinnamon buns, Cupcakes and gourmet cookies

True keto, low carb, huge gourmet cookies, Real cinnamon buns with less than 2 net carbs, drizzled with zero carb cream cheese icing, and cupcakes in an array of flavours

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Located at 110, 8900 Macleod Tr SE Calgary

Calgary’s first true Keto Fast Food Takeout Restaurant, Grill and Bakery. It’s legit keto folks. Come on down!

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Keto Fast Food Restaurant Grill & Bakery, right here in Calgary AB on Macleod Trail