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Top 5 Places to Buy Keto Bread & Desserts in Calgary

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Pouring through grocery aisles looking for Keto bread and desserts can be discouraging. Every nutrition label you look at makes it seem like the world is just trying to make you unhealthy with so much sugar and carbohydrates. All your favourite foods are often out of reach. Without cheating on your keto or low carb diet that is.

Well we are here to try to make keto journey a little easier and more convenient. Here is a list of the 5 best and easiest places to get real keto bread and dessert options in Calgary Alberta.

  1. Keto Bread Calgary – Calgary

Keto Bread Calgary is an online, ecommerce bakery that delivers keto loaves of bread, keto hamburger buns, keto pizza crusts, keto cakes and a host of other keto desserts. Everything you have been missing out on. With only 2-3 net carbs per serving, everything in the store is true low carb keto goodness. Unlike other keto bread options, their bread has the taste and texture of true white fluffy bread. No grassy or mealy flavour. Batches are made fresh weekly and available for delivery on Sundays throughout Calgary and Airdrie.

2. Keto Cafe Inglewood – Calgary

This little gem popped up in Inglewood a few years ago and is a great place to get fat bomb desserts and gluten free bread options

3. Save on Foods – Calgary

Though their keto bread options are a little flaxy and eggy, you can’t beat Save on Foods for convenience when you’re shopping for everything. A good place to buy a rotisserie chicken, keto bread and cruciferous veggies for a perfect keto meal.

4. Just Sweet Enough – Diabetic Bakery – Calgary

This cool little bakery has long catered to diabeticas and people with prediabetes. It just so happens that these same foods are perfect for all you ketogenic, low carb and carnivor dieters. Check them out!

5. Costco – Calgary

Obviously the big guy gets a mention here. Costco is often the best all in one option for many keto foods. There huge juicy rotisseries chickens. The best price on chia seeds for your keto protein shakes. Carb free almond milk. The best price on Almond flour. Even a great source for riced cauliflower.

No matter where you go on your keto journey, be sure to check out these local spots for keto bread and low carb foods. As more and more people discover the value of the keto lifestyle and drastically reducing carbs, the more Calgary options you will see month to month and year to year. Stay healthy Calgary.

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Why we created a Keto Bakery in Calgary, Alberta

Low carb, keto buns. Fresh baked
Keto buns and bread on table

Our team at Keto Bread Calgary has been working together for many years across various food and bakery industries. After discovering the value of low carb diets like the ketogenic diet, carnivore diet, Atkin’s diets, and various other low carb lifestyles years ago, we started our journey towards becoming fit and lean, and protecting ourselves and families from diabetes and obesity.

Back then the struggle was real. It was very difficult to find low carb options that would fit into our busy lives. Constant meal prep, and an inability to have lazy meals or order out. I myself love binge eating at night, and back before my introduction to the keto diet, my favourite nighttime foods were pizza pops, burritos, and easy, lazy frozen high carb foods. Of course I felt awful back then, and looked even worse.

Enter stage left. Fresh baked, white fluffy bread with just the right texture. Less than 2 net carbs. Now I can make grilled cheese, sandwiches, pizza buns, and all my favourite lazy foods. No prep work. As much as I may like to view myself as the epitome of resolve and self control, it sure is nice to just eat yummy junk food that is not going to raise glucose levels or go over my carb limit for the day. I like being thin. After so many years of being overweight, I really like being thin. But hey… I love me a fresh fried grilled cheese sandwich at one o’clock in the morning. Stay healthy everyone!

Jonny Keytone